Private sale to AZ Water Bank comes at high price

The Arizona Water Bank recently purchased water credits from a private company that has been hoarding water until the price and demand were high enough to sell.


Men attacked trying to enter Mexicali water meeting related to US funds

Oscar Velázquez reports for the Tribuna de San Luis that Rigoberto Montoya Domínguez was attacked while trying to enter the Mexicali office of the Mexican water department, Conagua for a meeting. The ex-president of the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SRL) of Irrigation District 014 of the Colorado River and two (or three, according to Semanario…

Desert Water Market

Framed as an environmentally responsible, innovative, and exceptionally collaborative approach to water sharing, Minute 319 built a foundation for water banking and exchanges even while it incorporated water provisions to restore the ecosystem of the Colorado River Delta, where the river used to meet the Gulf of California. Clearly the ecosystem needs attention, yet proposed solutions function to shift responsibility away from irresponsible water users, concurrently enabling commodification of the precious liquid.