Feds’ defense of tribal water rights may be for water marketing purposes

An interesting development as far as water rights in Arizona go, described in Tony Davis’s Feds say CAP district illegally favoring development over tribes: In unusually strongly worded comments, the bureau accuses the Central Arizona Water Conservation District of defying a 2007 legal settlement giving the federal government the right to buy certain classes of…

Arizona Water Grab Part 2: Walmart Heirs Push Water Market

Water conservation deserves much more skepticism than you might think, especially when the heirs to the Walmart fortune are involved.

Recently, a few related water agreements have been made with the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) to address the water level at Lake Mead and the state of Arizona’s continued access to Colorado River water. Of the more troubling facts is that one of the agreements involves the Walton Family Foundation, run by billionaire Walmart owners and family.

The Walton Family Foundation’s activities around water have been almost exclusively to develop a water market.

Desert Water Market

Framed as an environmentally responsible, innovative, and exceptionally collaborative approach to water sharing, Minute 319 built a foundation for water banking and exchanges even while it incorporated water provisions to restore the ecosystem of the Colorado River Delta, where the river used to meet the Gulf of California. Clearly the ecosystem needs attention, yet proposed solutions function to shift responsibility away from irresponsible water users, concurrently enabling commodification of the precious liquid.