Effluent/Reclaimed Water

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Reclaimed Water
Treated Wastewater
Recycled Water
Direct Potable Reuse (DPR)
Contaminants of Emerging Concern
(CEC), aka Emerging Contaminants


Pharmaceuticals end up in water supply, AZ experts suggest better tracking | Local News Stories | havasunews.com, January 2017


Vegetables grown with treated wastewater boost human exposure to pharmaceutical contaminants, 2016

Wastewater-effluent-dominated streams as ecosystem-management tools in a drier climate, 2015

Advisory Panel on Emerging Contaminants (APEC) | ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

  • DRAFT Emerging Chemical Contaminants of Concern in the State of Arizona’s Water | Download >
  • DRAFT Emerging Waterborne Pathogens of Concern in the State of Arizona | Download >
  • PRESENTATION Analysis of Microplastic Beads and their Removal at a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant | Download >
  • PRESENTATION Prioritizing Compounds of Potential Concern at the Scottsdale (AZ) Campus | Download >

Arizona | WateReuse

Potable Reuse – State of the Industry Update, AZ, 2015

Potable Reuse in Arizona: An Update on the Statewide Initiative, Timothy Thomure of HDR, 2015

Governor’s Water Augmentation Council Webinar – (October 28, 2016) – YouTube
Discussion on CECs at 1:27:36

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Arizona’s move towards “Toilet to Tap”:

Water Quality Division: Reclaimed Water Rules Revision Stakeholder Meeting, May 2, 2017

DRAFT Annual Report 2017 | Arizona Department of Water Resources, April 2017
Recycled Water Committee Recommendation is that the ADEQ end the prohibition on direct potable reuse

Toilet to tap in Arizona: Sooner than you think, February 2017

Would you drink treated toilet water? You may get the chance, February 2017

‘Toilet to tap’ water treatment will soon be legal in Arizona, officials say, January 2017

Arizona, let’s have a toast to recycled water, January 2017

GWAC Update from the Recycled Water Committee, Feburary 10, 2017

Recycled Water Committee (of GWAC) meeting summary, January 2017

Recycled Water Committee (GWAC), December 2016

New reclaimed water committee to ponder standards for water reuse | Arizona Business Daily, November 2016

Foundation names $250,000 water prize winner, November 2016

The Purple Pipe: Water reuse soon may play a bigger role in expanding Arizona’s water supplies, November 2016

Trump Attacks the Safety of Our Drinking Water | Food & Water Watch

Further comments

Looks like AZ has a capacity to produce almost 1 million acre feet of treated water. Only 56% is Class A+, which means the rest is lower quality. According to a pie chart, 35% of treated wastewater is disposed into watercourses, 2% disposal to percolation ponds, and 9% goes into recharge facilities, 7% to tribes, and the rest is either reused or sent to Mexico.
Class A+ standards are based on the 1972 Clean Water Act, and do not account for CECs.
ADEQ has not updated their water standards since 2001.