Water for Arizona Coalition

“Organizational support is provided by solution-oriented groups like American Rivers, Audubon Arizona, Business for Water Stewardship, Environmental Defense Action Fund, and Western Resource Advocates”

Coalition Members currently include:

  • American Rivers – Jeff Odefey
  • Audubon Arizona – Sonia Perillo
  • Business for Water Stewardship – Nicole Gonzalez Patterson
  • Environmental Defense Action Fund – Kevin Moran
  • Western Resource Advocates – Kim Mitchell

All five groups are funded by the Walton Family Foundation (WFF).

Kevin Moran

  • “Kevin Moran, a longtime Arizonan and former government relations consultant and Cox Communications executive, is the Chairman of the [Water for Arizona] Coalition.”
  • Moran is the alternate for Walton Family Foundation (WFF) representative Ted Kowalski on the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan Steering Committee
  • Moran is senior director of the EDF Water Program (EDF funded by WFF)

Environmental Defense Action Fund

  • Advocacy Partner of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
  • “EDF, whose economists are also credited for their role in the development of emissions trading, the carbon market, REDD+, etc., has worked with California’s Metropolitan Water District and others for decades on market-based, so-called water conservation projects and farms-to-cities water transfers, which caused a decrease in flow of water into the Mexicali aquifer and the Salton Sea, leading to massive problems still yet to be resolved years later.” (From Arizona Water Grab, Part 2)
  • Funded by the WFF

Business for Water Stewardship

  • CEO: Todd Reeve (See Bonneville Environmental Foundation)
  • Brands include Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Water Restoration Certificates
  • “The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is the parent organization that supports all aspects of the Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) platform.”
  • “BEF created the first national, market-based program allowing companies to balance their water footprint by supporting projects that restore water to benefit depleted rivers, streams, and wetlands (the Water Restoration Certificate® Program).”
  • BEF is funded by the WFF

Audubon Arizona

  • “Arguably, the land exchange may not have been possible without the help of some of these big, more corporate-friendly environmental organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Audubon Arizona, who were involved in affirming, and even contributing to the value of the land to be exchanged for Resolution’s intended mine site.”
  • “The Tucson Sentinel reported in 2011, ‘$250,000 in grants and donations that Resolution Copper and Rio Tinto have given to the Audubon Arizona since 2003.'”
  • for more info see The Resolution Copper Land Grab: How Environmental NGOs Expand Green Capitalism
  • Funded by WFF

Walton Family Foundation (WFF)

  • Funds EDF, EDAF
  • Funds BEF, part of Business for Water Stewardship
  • Funds American Waters
  • Funds Audubon Arizona
  • WFF is the only non-governmental org on the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan Steering Committee
  • Much more on WFF and water marketing at the Walton Family Foundation page